Composed Additional Music for Sherwood - YouTube Premium Series

This past year, Connor worked under composer Jacob Yoffee, writing additional music for the new YouTube Premium series Sherwood. The show will be released on March 6th, and features music by Jacob Yoffee, and additional music by Connor Griffin, Lauren Pham, and Cyrus Paul Ghazizadeh. Connor is very excited to be a part of this project, which combines classic John Williams-esque orchestral score with modern pop songs in really interesting and unique ways.

All her life, teen-hacker Robin of Sherwood thought she was an orphan. But when a mysterious Gauntlet unlocks a secret that turns her world upside down, Robin joins forces with a group of renegades who teach her the true value of love, loyalty, and sacrifice. Through the flooded storm-lashed streets of 23rd century London, to the towering citadel of the floating Upper City, Robin and her new friends battle the elements and the odds to defeat the mad Sheriff of Nottingham.

Coming to YouTube Premium March 6th, 2019.

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