Road To Airventure Score Now Available!


At long last, after having completed this album back in January, I'm pleased to finally release this score to the public. Working together with frequent directorial collaborator Brendan Grant, I have crafted this 30 minute score to his hour long documentary about a group of paraglider pilots and their journey to be the first team to perform in their sport at the largest airshow in the world.

In writing the music for this film, particularly the flying sequences, I wanted to capture the thrill and exhilaration of flight. In cues like "Flight Over The Farm" and "Aerial Acrobats" you can hear the soaring (pun intended!) melody that accompanies their flights, bolstered by horns.

"Aviation Becomes Them" introduces a theme on solo trumpet that represents the determination of the team as they prepare for their big show. This theme recurs throughout the score in various forms, from soft piano to powerful french horns.

The score makes use of alto flute and vibraphone throughout as interesting colors intended to subtly nod to the wind and wind chimes blowing in the breeze.

The album is available right now at $7 and up (you choose the price!) on my Bandcamp store!