Connor first became interested in film music through John Williams’ incredible scores for the Star Wars series. As a young boy, he could listen to a passage and vividly see the film accompanying it in his head. As he grew older, Connor started to focus on filmmaking as a career. In 2012, Connor enrolled at Temple University in Philadelphia, obtaining a degree in Film & Media Arts and a minor in General Business Studies. Throughout Connor’s early filmmaking career, the music for his films was always of great importance to him. As his skills as a musician developed, he began writing his own original music.

Eventually, Connor came to the realization that of all the aspects of filmmaking, what truly interested him the most was creating the musical score. He subsequently shifted his focus towards film composing, and has been pursuing it ever since.

Since 2009, Connor has scored over 50 short films, two award winning web series, and two feature length documentaries. He recently composed additional music for the first season of YouTube Premium series “Sherwood”.

In the summer of 2015, a fanfare of Connor's was licensed as the opening music to the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular, a massively popular televised live event broadcast across the country.

Connor currently lives in Los Angeles.